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Advertising on Bing is simple with the experienced team at LocaliQ. Our team specialises in Bing ads management tailored to generate results for your brand in Australia. Microsoft advertising platforms have their own idiosyncrasies, requiring a unique approach distinct from Google. While viewed as an underdog in the search engine world, Bing advertising still plays an important role in your overall marketing strategy as the second largest search engine.

We know how to make the most of Bing for your brand, utilising the niche reach and other unique opportunities available to help grow your online presence and find new audiences. Our team has worked with a diverse range of clients across a variety of industries and we understand how to deliver campaigns according to your unique business requirements and competitive landscape.

Unlock the Potential of Advertising on Bing

Explore powerful new opportunities for your brand to reach new audiences with Bing advertising. Sophisticated targeting options and a growing network make Bing and Microsoft ads an area of increasing interest for digital marketers and savvy brands looking to expand. Our Bing advertising agency can help you unlock the potential of the different tools and features Bing offers. These can be personalised according to your brand’s marketing objectives and preferences.

Embrace the power of targeted search campaigns through the Microsoft Bing Ads platform, optimising your visibility across the search engine’s significant user base. While shopping ads enable e-commerce brands to promote product listings in search results, display ads can reach new customers faster with tailored images and video ads users can engage with. Partnerships with MSAN, LinkedIn, Netflix and other partners and distributors can further increase exposure across new channels.

Key Benefits of Bing PPC Ads

While utilising a similar bidding dynamic as Google, Bing PPC ads offer less competition and lower cost-per-click (CPC), meaning ROI can be increased by over 30% compared to Google. At the same time, advertisers can enjoy more control over ad groups and campaigns. This includes assigning campaign actions according to time zones for more sophisticated scheduling strategies.

Unlike Google, Bing advertising campaigns also allow you to refine targeting to mobile devices while excluding desktop and tablet devices. Another distinctive feature is the ability to use only exact match keywords, whereas Google forces close variations like misspellings and plurals. Including close variations is optional on Bing.

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Increase ROI With Expertise From Our Bing Advertising Agency

Explore how LocaliQ can create new opportunities for your brand as an experienced Bing ads management provider.

Add Another Advertising Channel With No Extra Effort

Many businesses have an active presence on Google and are reluctant to make the extra effort to take the plunge into the world of Bing and Microsoft advertising. We make the transition simple by helping you transfer data from one network to the other while customising campaigns according to the new environment. Our experienced Bing PPC managers do all the work for you, optimising your ads to utilise the unique opportunities available across the Bing network.

Auditing, Account Set Up and Optimisation

We assist brands at every stage, from importing your data to setting up your campaigns, monitoring and reporting on performance. Whether you’re new to Bing and Microsoft and want to find out if it’s right for you, or you need existing campaigns to be refined, we can help. Our team of digital marketing experts can transparently lay out the benefits and potential downsides of Bing marketing, and show you first hand the insights behind our opinions.

Build the Right Campaign for Your Objectives

Our expert Bing management agency will build effective campaigns based on your objectives and defined target audiences. From there, we can create a plan to achieve these goals across search, shopping and retargeting. Our team can help you extract power from innovative tools offered by Bing, such as the ability to control which age and gender demographics see your search ads. Unlike Google, we can control demographic targeting at the campaign or ad group level within Microsoft Bing Ads.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise and Experience

Our team is ready to chat with you about all aspects of Bing ads management. We can answer any questions you have about how we operate campaigns, how we approach the Microsoft platform and how Bing fits into a wider multichannel marketing strategy that works together to build brand awareness, generate new leads and increase your revenue.

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FAQs About Bing Ads Management Services

How do Bing or Microsoft Ads Work?

Microsoft understands just how many brands use Google’s advertising tools. As a result, they make it simple and seamless to import campaigns, ad groups, keywords and product categories. Like Google, Bing advertising uses a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model. This involves a bidding system for particular keywords and search terms. If you outbid competitors, your ad is more likely to be displayed in search results and you pay only when someone clicks the ad.

Who Can be Targeted with Bing Ads?

As with Google, you can target a wide range of audiences using Bing Ads which can refine based on your brand, industry, location, target audience and campaign goals. Bing advertising is a great way to advertise to a wide range of people for relatively little cost, making it easier to generate brand awareness and “cast a wide net”. Those looking to reach specific audiences can also benefit from the fact that Bing users comprise older users aged 45 to 54 with an average annual income of $100,000 and over.

Why Invest in Bing Advertising?

With 1.3 billion unique monthly global visitors, Bing offers significant opportunities to reach new customers for your brand, even if it isn’t as big as Google. A good approach, for brands who are unsure, is to look at how much traffic your website already receives from Bing. We can take a look at those numbers and determine whether it’s a good pathway for your brand’s advertising strategy.

What Makes LocaliQ Stand Out in Bing Ads Management?

At LocaliQ, every brand we work with is offered a truly personalised approach. We go that extra mile to understand every aspect of your business, which means we can better target the audiences you need to reach to achieve your goals. What’s more, we enjoy a level of experience in Bing ads management than most agencies simply don’t have. Our familiarity with the platform equips us with the ability to deliver tailored campaigns that make the most of Bing’s advertising tools, costing you less and earning you more.

How Much Does Bing Advertising Cost?

The cost of a Bing advertising campaign varies depending on your chosen bid, competition for keywords/ search terms, and the number of people who click your ad. You can typically expect costs to be lower than Google ads due to less competition for keywords and greater ROI. By setting a daily budget, you won’t exceed the maximum you’re willing to pay.

Will Bing Ads Work for My Industry?

LocaliQ has seen Bing advertising campaigns work effectively for brands operating in a variety of different sectors. This includes everything from eCommerce to hospitality brands looking to reach local customers and technology providers looking to increase B2B marketing opportunities. We can help determine whether Bing is right for your brand based on traffic to your website and other information. If necessary, we’ll suggest where your marketing budget is better off being invested, whether that’s Google, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn.

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Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

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