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Enhance your reach with a premium, tailored campaign delivered across the huge Google display network. LocaliQ is a leading Australian Google display ads agency that specialises in delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience in the right place. Google display advertising is one of the most powerful platforms available to achieve this goal and our team is here to help, whatever your industry or business objectives.

Maximise Your Potential with Google Display Advertising

Reach audiences on hundreds of thousands of websites and apps online, from niche to well-known third party websites along with major Google apps and platforms like Gmail, YouTube and Search. Whether you’re looking to grow brand awareness or increase sales, we’ll help you craft the perfect message. Using data-rich reports, we’ll fine-tune your campaigns and deliver the right strategies to maximise results.

As an experienced display advertising company, LocaliQ has a thorough understanding of the powerful targeting options available through Google platforms. Our experts can help your brand leverage those tools to reach new audiences, retarget and nurture existing leads and ultimately boost conversions.

Leverage the Power of Display Ads and the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network empowers your brand to reach up to 90 per cent of internet users across more than 2 million websites and 650,000 apps. This incredible capacity to get your products or services seen by new audiences can help you achieve new heights of growth and dramatically increase sales.

As an experienced Google Display advertising agency, we understand how to utilise relevant placement targeting so your ads reach the right people. Go beyond spray and pray tactics to create focused campaigns that increase the ROI of your marketing budget. With tactics that include uncovering which part of the customer journey you want to capture and what kind of content and placements will resonate with your target market, we can help skyrocket your conversions.

Our team can help your brand harness the power of the best contextual engine available, helping you place ads amongst relevant content. This makes it easier to find and connect with engaged audiences, increasing brand recall as well as campaign ROI. With measurable performance metrics, we can deliver transparent, actionable insight so we can continue to optimise your campaign.

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FAQs About Google Display Advertising Services

How Can Google Display Help Grow My Business?

Google Display Ads are an excellent investment for any business looking to grow, whether you’re just starting out or are a large corporation and well established in your industry. Whether your goal is brand awareness, product sales or foot traffic to a physical establishment, you can reach the ideal prospects with laser-precision targeting that narrows your audience down from millions of internet users across the Google Display Network.

Building brand awareness is essential for new brands as well as established businesses looking to increase their market share. Google Display marketing can also help boost conversions and sales with enticing ads that reach the right people at the right time. Selling boots? We’ll put your ad in front of people that need to buy boots. How we get there requires complex strategies, but the results can be that simple.

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network encompasses more than two million websites and apps that account for where 90% of internet users spend their time online. This immense potential for reach can be a double-edged sword. While you have the power to introduce your brand and products to an enormous number of consumers, without the right approach you may also waste money reaching an enormous number of irrelevant consumers.

Google Display Ads are visual ads that come in the form of static or moving images, which can be displayed at the top, side, in the middle or at the bottom of websites within the Google Display Network. A display advertising agency like LocaliQ helps manage, target and budget for your ads within this platform. Our expertise ensures you reach the right audiences while getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Which Websites are a Part of the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is home to a massive and diverse collection of websites. It includes major news mastheads, blogs, eCommerce sites, forums, videos and more. Specific Google services like Gmail, YouTube Maps, and Google Finance are, of course, included. Where your ad ends up all depends on the targeting options you select. The Google platform interprets the context of your campaign in order to match it to relevant users.

When Will I See Results from Google Display Ads?

Like many marketing activities, you won’t see results immediately. Once they go live, you can see metrics like clicks and impressions start to come in on your Display Ads. It can take a little longer to achieve conversions and secure a good ROI, some tweaks may be needed to optimise our campaign.

In many cases, brands should see a positive trend in results after one to three months from launch. How quickly you see results is influenced by a range of factors including what products or services you sell, your industry, level of competition, current brand position and campaign goals. Our team will continue to optimise your ads according to your unique situation, ensuring that your ads campaign delivers the best possible results.

What is the Difference Between Google Search and Google Display Ads?

While Google Display Ads appear across a vast range of websites and apps, Google Search ads are limited to Google search results. Both can play an important role in your overall marketing mix but require different mentalities and approaches. Display Ads tend to have a lower click-through-rate (CTR) compared to search, which reaches motivated users looking for specific products, services or information related to your paid ad.

Display Ads reach people with a different user intent. While the user’s primary interest is in the content of the web page or app they are viewing, the Display Ad has an indirect, secondary role that may be used to retarget users based on their previous activity or familiarise them with your brand to prime them for an eventual conversion. In summary, Google Search is ideal for reaching users based on keywords or phrases, while Google Display is an efficient way to target users based on their particular demographics and interests.

How Effective is Google Display Advertising in General?

By giving you access to a massive audience, the Google Display Network can be a highly effective tool for building brand awareness among new customers or retargeting existing leads and customers. Prominent positioning and flexible formats allow for creative, eye-catching designs, meaning that you can engage customers across their online browsing experience.

What is the Difference Between Retargeting and Remarketing?

Retargeting involves showing your ads to specific users who have previously displayed interest in your brand, products or services by, for example, visiting your website. Remarketing, on the other hand, focuses on targeting users with similar characteristics to those who have displayed interest in your brand, products and services. This involves using information such as location, browsing behaviour and demographics.

How Much Does Google Display Network Cost?

Just like many digital marketing tactics, costs can vary depending on your brand, budget and type of campaign. The average cost-per-click (CPC) for a Display Ad depends on your goals, industry and competition. Brands can set specific budgets and controls on campaigns to ensure no overspending or spending more than originally planned.

Working with Google Display advertising companies is an additional cost on top of the clicks, but one that has proven to be well worth the investment. An experienced Google Display advertising agency like LocaliQ will monitor ongoing costs and ROI of your ads, making any necessary changes to ensure your marketing investment is generating valuable results for your business.

Where Do Google Display Network Ads Appear?

Google Display Ads can appear in a variety of places, with banner ads found across the top of a website or app while square, box shaped ads can appear in the middle of web pages and skyscraper ads on the side of a page.

Responsive Display Ads can fit anywhere space is available on a page. These ads involve some basic visual assets like logos and images along with some ad copy. Google then tests different combinations and automatically sizes it to suit the layout of different web pages.

What are Some Display Advertising KPIs or Benchmarks I Should Know About?

How you measure the performance of Display Ads depends on the goals of campaigns, but some metrics to keep track of include:

  • Impressions: The number of times your ad has appeared on web pages and apps.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The number of people who have clicked on your ad.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC): How much you’ve spent for every user who has clicked on your ad.
How is Programmatic Display Advertising Different from Google Display Network Ads?

Programmatic advertising is a time-saving and cost-effective approach to marketing that involves automatically buying and selling digital advertising space using algorithmic software. Both Google Display Ads and programmatic ads are automated, offer advanced targeting features and function via a bidding/auction system. The core difference is that Google Display is a self-contained network.

Can You Create and Place Display Ads on YouTube?

Yes, we can create and place Display Ads on YouTube! YouTube is part of the Google Display Network and experienced Google Display advertising companies like LocaliQ can help you create ads that will reach the right target audiences on YouTube. This involves identifying the ideal placement as well as the best time to run your ads on YouTube, plus constant optimisation of the campaign once it’s live.

Why is LocaliQ a Leading Provider of Google Display Advertising Services?

As a Google Premier Partner, we have a strong track record for delivering targeted campaigns that generate strong results. With over a decade of experience helping brands of all sizes across a variety of industries, you can rely on our team for tailored expertise as well as honesty and transparency. We bring meticulous care and attention to every campaign we manage, from analysing your marketing needs to optimising campaigns and reporting results.

Client Testimonial

“I’d recommend LocaliQ to other businesses. The transparency in their campaigns means we can see exactly where all of our dollars go. Instead of getting the smaller jobs, we’re getting bigger, greater valuejobs, and servicing a better clientele than we ever have before.”

Blair Collins, Production Manager, Guardian Screens & Shutters

48% of time spent online is spent consuming entertainment content.

Neilson, 2020

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