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Elevate Your Brand with Google Shopping in Australia

Google Shopping is a powerful way for eCommerce retailers to advertise directly on Google’s search engine results. By promoting products visually and providing key information, Google Shopping ads make it easy to convert customers with high purchase intent as they are searching for products on Google.

Featuring a thumbnail image of the product, headline, price, brand name and product information, Google Shopping advertising offers far more than a simplistic text based ad. Potential customers can quickly and easily browse and click on the products that most appeal to them. Functioning as a product comparison service, Google shows potential customers the most relevant products to their search query.

LocaliQ provides a platform that maximises the conversion power of Google Shopping with campaigns expertly tailored to your brand. Stand out from the crowd and boost your eCommerce revenue with eye-catching Google shopping ads crafted to ensure your products appear in relevant search queries, get clicks and drive sales.

Why Your Business Needs Google Shopping Ads

Discover how LocaliQ can help you increase conversions on the world’s largest search engine.

Increased Qualified Traffic and Leads

Boost the visibility and accessibility of your product range by appearing in front of the right customer when they are most engaged and motivated to make a purchase. With LocaliQ managing your brand’s Google Shopping presence, you’ll gain higher impressions, enhanced visibility and more qualified traffic and leads.

Higher CTR (Click Through Rates) and Lower CPC (Cost Per Click)

Target users based on search queries and retarget users who have shown interest in your products. By optimising your initial audience, your brand can boost CTR while lowering CPC. By reengaging with users who are likely to be in your products, you can also capture any leads that might have slipped through the cracks. Maximise the ROI of your marketing spend with strategic ad campaigns managed by our Google Shopping agency.

Better User Experiences and Visual Appeal

Put your products in the spotlight with simple, highly visual ads placed across Google search results as well as other websites across the Google network.  When the ad is clicked, users are taken to the relevant product page to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Here, they can either learn more or go ahead and make a purchase. Retargeting users, meanwhile, ensures qualified buyers see your product again, even if they choose to browse elsewhere to research and compare other products.

Traffic with Purchase Intent

Users who see Google Shopping advertising are actively searching for your specific products or similar products. Your brand can connect to this motivated audience with precise targeting tools and convert them with tailored messaging. In search results, Google Shopping ads also function as a product comparison tool when a customer searches for a product. To create capture points at every stage of the funnel, an experienced Google Shopping ads agency designs campaigns with user behaviour in mind.

Multiple Results in Search Engine

Google Shopping ads appear first in search results, displaying as a carousel of images for up to 20 ad positions when viewed on a computer, with two on mobile search results. After the initial product feeds are created, the ads are automated by Google. This means any changes or updates in the product information (such as pricing) is pulled directly from your online store. This ensures your ads always provide up to date information about your products.

The retargeting tools also help you to nurture users who have expressed interest or abandoned a shopping cart. Driving more conversions by encouraging users to complete unfinished purchases is a crucial aspect of any eCommerce advertising strategy.

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Our Google Shopping Ads Agency’s Management Process

Our experienced Google Shopping management agency handles your campaign from start to finish, from set up to monitoring and reporting.

Free Suitability Review

Our team starts by offering a free suitability review. This involves analysing any existing Google merchant account as well as your website and product range. Once we on-board your brand, we define an appropriate strategy through a discovery and analysis process where we agree on your overall goals and KPIs. This process includes extensively analysing your business, the competitive landscape and your products to better inform our strategy prior to launch.

Account Set Up

LocaliQ takes a unique, bespoke approach to Google Shopping account builds to reflect your brand and its goals. This includes focusing on individual products and product categories to deliver segmentation that reflects your priorities and ensures scalability.

We build campaigns using strategic, targeted keywords with which customers are already familiar, such as the product type, colour, brand, or product type. All products and their landing pages will be optimised, based on our research, to receive clicks and convert customers.

Ongoing Optimisations

Once live, we continue to monitor and optimise your campaign to ensure your ads are always performing at their best and maximising ROI. Some of these tasks include daily search term analysis, segmenting queries, assessing and optimising bids, split testing ads and refining targeting based on audience, device and location. This is an essential phase of your campaign and an area in which we spend a significant portion of time, pushing your defined budget to the limit to make you more money whilst reducing any potential wasted spend.

Reporting and Consultation

At LocaliQ, we pride ourselves on delivering transparent campaigns that drive real results. An important part of this process is providing you with custom monthly reports, where we offer a complete breakdown of the metrics that matter to your business and the objectives of the campaign. A simple reporting dashboard allows you to easily check the progress and effectiveness of live ads. We’re also available to discuss results and any potential tweaks in the strategy as required.

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FAQs About Google Shopping Ads

How do I Get Started with Google Shopping?

Getting started with Google Shopping means setting up a Google Merchant Centre account. This is where you add products and product information then connect your account to your eCommerce account. Once you have set up an account, your product range can appear in ads across Google search results as well as in the Shopping tab, Google Images, YouTube and third party websites in the Google network.

How can a Google Shopping Agency Like LocaliQ Improve my Digital Marketing Strategy?

As an experienced Google Shopping management agency, LocaliQ can help you optimise your campaigns to drive better growth and generate more opportunities for your brand. We use our expertise and extensive research to create campaign strategies designed to reach the right target audiences and increase traffic, click-through rates and sales. Using data refined to your brand’s industry and customer base, we create ads that increase your online visibility and help you reach qualified buyers.

I Already Have a Google Ads Account. Will You Use That?

If you have an existing Google Merchant Account, that’s great. We’re happy to use it and make any necessary tweaks to deliver better campaign performance. If you don’t have an account, our team is more than happy to create one on your behalf.

Is There a Limit to How Many Campaigns You’ll Create?

Using Google Ads can grow your business by helping you reach new audiences that are specifically looking for your products or services. Someone who needs a plumber in Brisbane will often search “plumber in Brisbane” on Google. If your business is the one that pops up at the top of the search results, it’s a simple and effective way of getting more customers. So many of us use Google today to run searches just like this, making it difficult for businesses to ignore the potential for that kind of exposure.

What is Google Shopping and How Does it Work?

Google Shopping ads, previously known as Product Listing Ads, utilise your brand’s Merchant Centre product data to create relevant ads that appear when potential customers search for them. This includes information about the products you are selling along with product information and pricing. This data is matched against a user’s search intent.

Google Shopping ads appear in search results, the Google Shopping tab, Google Images and across partner websites within the Google network. Free listings and Shopping ads can both appear next to text ads so users can browse a full range of products that coincide with their search. It is worth noting, however, that only paid ads appear on partner websites.

Similar to other Google advertising products, Google Shopping ads employ a cost-per-click (CPC) model. This ensures you only pay when someone clicks on the product and is redirected to the relevant landing page. Using a bidding process against relevant competitors, merchants decide how much they are willing to pay for each click.

How Can Google Shopping Ads Benefit My Brand?

Google Shopping campaigns are designed to help retailers and individual brands find in-the-market buyers for their product ranges. Whether you’re looking to boost online sales or create more foot traffic at physical stores, Google Shopping is an essential tool for promoting products online. The platform is designed with an interface that is similar to a traditional Google search, but makes it easy to see each product visually and see information including price, size, colour, brand, style and availability.

Google Shopping ads also appear at the top of search results, increasing potential audience reach. They also appear across related Google platforms like YouTube and Gmail in addition to the Shopping tab and Google images. Tracking your performance is easy with simple metrics such as conversion rates and click-through rates. You can also see how performance compares to competitors and other products in your category.

Google Shopping ads are a powerful way to reach your customers as the platform automates results to display relevant products based on search behaviour and search intent. With help from an experienced Google shopping ads agency, you can simplify the customer journey and streamline the buyer pipeline, giving you high-quality leads who are already motivated to make a purchase.

Client Testimonial

“We have been able to maximise on our niche position in the marketplace through LocaliQ’s SEO efforts. The LocaliQ team deliver excellent transparency and reporting around results and regular communication.”

Mark Hodges, Director, Harrington & Co.

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

Expert Google Shopping Campaign Management in Australia

LocaliQ is here to help your business grow on Google Shopping. If you’d like tailored Google shopping management services or more advice on what is Google Shopping, contact our team today. We’ll help you find out the benefits and how you can engage and convert new customers in Australia.

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